lustful confusion

year: 2015
length: 60 min

“We can’t explain, we even won’t try”
An intimate unique dialogue is created.
The world seems to spring out of joints, the curiosity and pioneering spirit drives us forward, the will for life is always regenerated and the ability to displace is activated. A grotesque game appears ”ASOBi” (“play” in Japanese)

Direction,Installation,Light Design :Joaxhim Manger
Choreography :Yumiko Yoshioka & Team
Composition, Music: Zam Johnson
Performance : Ichi Go, Junko Iwahashi, Natsuko Kono, Matilde Javier Ciria Spiros Paterakis, Tom A-dam, Zam Johnson
Video-Documentation: Yoann Trellu, Yukihiro Ikutani
Photos by: Klaus Rabien, Yukihiro Ikutani