100 Light Years of Solitude

year: 2016
length: 50 min


Following Yumiko’s solo Before the Dawn, this is the second part of her trilogy “100 Flowers”  Inspired by Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude to explore a state of solitude Yumiko dances the life of a unique creature, born on a planet 100 light years away from ours. Imagining that this creature is the only one of its species on that planet, it enjoys unfolding its life until it realizes its destiny: to exist in solitude.

Direction/Choreography /Dance: Yumiko Yoshioka
Co-direction: Miguel Camarero
Light design/technical direction: Spiros Paterakis
Music composition:Tomas Tello / Zam Johnson
Costume: Pablo Alarcon
photo: Francisco Amaral, Edgar Gutiérrez Calvillo
video editing: Vanessa Fernandes